CISM Military Pentathlon
Pictures / examples from previous competitions

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Pictures from 2019-2021 - Denmark

Pickup with screens mounted on pallets, long og short pickup (2 monitors on each side).

2019_resultatvogn_1.jpg 2021_resultatvogn_1.jpg fsvm2022_7236sz.jpg

Pictures from FSVM, Maj 2009 - Denmark


Pictures from DMI - Danish Championship 2007, September 2007 - Denmark

DMI2007_1.jpg DMI2007_3.jpg DMI2007_4.jpg  
Setup with one pickup, 2-3 computers + monitors and one table.

Pictures from DMI - Danish Championship 2001, September 2001 - Denmark

DM2001_013.jpg DM2001_014.jpg  
Simple setup with one laptop and one printer.

Pictures from 49th World Military Pentathlon Championship August 2001 Arlon Belgium

VM2001_019.jpg VM2001_020.jpg VM2001_022.jpg VM2001_024.jpg
Screen for results was placed in a very hot tent. Several laptops connected with wireless LAN
used for showing different results.
VM2001_025.jpg VM2001_105.jpg VM2001_110.jpg  

Pictures from 48th World Military Pentathlon Championship 11th - 19th August 2000 Holstebro - Denmark

VM2000_003.jpg VM2000_005.jpg VM2000_163.jpg VM2000_164.jpg
  Three "floating" screens with results
VM2000_190.jpg VM2000_216.jpg VM2000_232.jpg  
The "mobile" computer center. 2 x 2 TV sets with results

Pictures from XXXIX. Nordic Championship Military Pentathlon June 25th-30th 2000, Stockholm, Sweden

Image_020.jpg Image_021.jpg
Image_024.jpg Image_203.jpg
Big screen for information and results
placed in the dining hall.
TV-set placed in tent. This gives darker
background in the bright sunlight.
Image_207.jpg Image_215.jpg Image_218.jpg  
With bright sunshine, a dark
background is needed for the TV-set.

Pictures from danish championship in september 1999

PIC00001.jpg PIC00002.jpg PIC00004.jpg PIC00005.jpg
PIC00006.jpg PIC00019.jpg PIC00028.jpg PIC00033.jpg